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Where are the F*cking Boat Keys?

It was late summer. They start draining the lake this time of year in preparation for winter to reduce ice damage to the shorelines. Time to pull the boat out of the water, clean it up and get it winterized. My youngest was going on an adventure with his father which my oldest had no interest in attending. So, my 19-year-old headed up to our place in the mountains with my father and I for the weekend.

Saturday morning was cloudy and damp from all the rain we had the week prior. The forecast was predicting rain the next two weekends, so I really needed to get the boat out ASAP before the lake was drained too low to navigate. We had gotten up early, reorganized the shed to make room for all the boat accessories and were ready to head to the lake.

Um, where’s the boat key? It’s not on the key hooks near the door where it’s supposed to be. Who used the boat last? Not me was the answer all around… ahh my 16-year-old went out with his friends and my brother. Let’s call the little guy.

Me: “Hey sweetie, where’s the boat key?” Son: “I think in the Jetta.” Me: “You have the Jetta there. How is that going to help me here? Son: “Love you…”

I let out a BIG sigh. OK I think I have a spare key in my car. There is a key in my console that has a floaty thing on it. I really hope this is for the boat. We drive 20 minutes to the dock and uncover the boat. The moment of truth… a few deep breaths and we’re head back to the house. It wasn’t the boat key. I called my son again.

Son: “Yeah it’s not in the Jetta”. Me: “Then where is it?” Son: “Check the loft.”

Son of a Bees Wax. Back to the lake. In a former life of mine I would have been like a lunatic. I would have been ranting and raving about the irresponsibility of my son. I would have been spewing curses left and right.

The more balanced and inspired version of me today, took this all in stride. I learned that I should search the premises when I can’t find something where it belongs when you have two teenagers and a senior citizen living in the same quarters for the summer. I appreciated the fact that because I didn’t have the key first thing in the morning that by the time we actually got to the lake to get the boat out of the water the sun was finally breaking through the clouds. Since the weather was clearing, we actually took time to drive around and relax one last time this year. The three of us had fun soaking in the sun and taking pics along the way. Joy and contentment were found.

Love and Light to you all,


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