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From S.A.D Ass To B.A.D Ass™

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There is a B.A.D ASS inside of every one of us. A truly Balanced, Aware and Dynamic, Amazing, Spectacular and Successful individual. Are you willing and ready to let your B.A.D ASS-self shine through? Inside the From S.A.D Ass to B.A.D Ass™ online course, you'll find 6 modules of in-depth video training lessons along with a workbook, worksheets and templates that help you on your transformative journey. It took me years to learn what it takes to conquer Stress, Anxiety and even Depression to become the B.A.D Ass I am today. I have narrowed it down to a few key elements and put them into this online course to teach you what it takes to become a Balanced, Aware and Dynamic successful individual too... I’m here to share my years of expertise with you. Now you can learn to go From S.A.D Ass to B.A.D Ass™ in just 30 Days!

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SADtoBAD, $99.99

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