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Would You Be Interested In an Online Group Class?

Online Group Class?

Dawn-Marie is considering offering the The Massive Mindset Shift® 12 week intensive as a Group Class for over 80% off at just $500 for the 12 week group program.  Plus if you are a site member you can use your Loyalty Points to get up to 50% more off for a final total of $250 for 12 weeks of group coaching and access to all the Material in the The Massive Mindset Shift® 12 week Personal Coaching course. 

All classes would be recorded so if you can't make a session, you'd still be able to access the weekly call.  Additionally, Dawn-Marie will be offering 1 on 1 personal coaching for group participants at a 50% discount on her regular rate.


However, she can't do this without a minimum number of participants. To determine if this is possible for a 2024 initiative, please complete the survey below:

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