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Balanced Minded Goal Setting for Professionals

A systematic approach to making meaningful, balanced changes in Your Life This Year!

Did you know that with proper planning it is possible to stick to your resolutions without being stressed and anxious? Did you know that you can make resolutions any day of the year because every day is a new beginning?

Did you know Women (46%) are more likely than men (31%) to say “reducing stress” is one of their New Year’s resolutions? And about one-third of all Americans who made New Year’s Resolutions last year say they didn't stick to any of their resolutions.

Here’s the reason.... Making a resolution in and of itself can cause you to be stressed. Stress and anxiety can set in if you don’t know how to stick to your resolution. On top of that, stress and anxiety can turn into depression if left untreated when you feel like you’re not going anywhere when you feel unsuccessful.

Let me explain: Stress, Anxiety and Depression are three volatile states of emotion, separately and combined, which can cause an individual to feel imbalanced, out of control, worthless, hopeless and / or unfulfilled. With the proper planning and a focused effort, you can develop the habits and skills necessary to accomplish your goals and be successful.

When you understand what’s important to you, know how to balance your emotions and how to connect to nature and the Universe, your true authentic self will emerge, your health can improve and everything will just start to feel right. Everything will be in alignment and life will seem... easier.

If you don’t plan properly you could be left feeling:

  • Stuck

  • Unsuccessful

  • Unproductive

  • Useless

  • Unfulfilled

  • Empty

You might even stay stuck:

  • Being a S.A.D Ass – Stressed, Anxious & Depressed

  • Being an unhealthy weight

  • Working at a job you don’t like

  • Stuck in a bad relationship

  • Buried in debt

  • Living in an unsafe environment

The big questions on my client’s minds are...

  • How can I actually stick to my resolutions?

  • How can I get out of this rut I’m in?

  • What do I have to do to get ahead?

  • Is it really possible to live a life that’s not so stressful?

Many clients come to me feeling just the way I did years ago. I was a S.A.D Ass. I felt overwhelmed by work, relationships, financial struggles and family obligations. I felt like there had to be something more to life. I felt unfulfilled and stagnant. I was on the verge of divorce and felt guilty about time lost with their children.

Starting on the day I wanted to commit suicide and didn’t, I started researching and learning all the ways to conquer Stress, Anxiety and Depression. When I found that the side effects from medications were making me worse, I was determined to find ways to do it naturally. After a few years I had a lot of information and found what worked best for me. I wanted to tell everyone and help others who were in the same boat. Over the next few years I became a Stress Management Expert, a Certified Mindset Transformation Coach and a Certified Nature & Forest Therapy Guide.

It took me years to learn what it takes to get organized, focused and conquer my stress, anxiety and depression. Now I’m here to share my years of expertise with you.


Inside the “Balanced Minded Goal Setting for Professionals” online mini course, you'll find a workbook, worksheets and templates that help you plan like a truly Balanced, Aware and Dynamic individual, a real B.A.D Ass!

Here's What You're Going to Get:

Course Curriculum

If are ready to make meaningful, balanced and lasting changes this coming year, then click the button below to get immediate access to Balanced Minded Goal Setting for Professionals!

This Year Can Be Different!

Or you can keep feeling Stuck, Unsuccessful, Unproductive, Useless, Unfulfilled or even Empty.

The cost of inaction will leave you in the same place you are now which might include:


  • Being a S.A.D Ass – Stressed, Anxious & Depressed

  • Being an unhealthy weight

  • Working at a job you don’t like

  • Stuck in a bad relationship

  • Buried in debt

  • Living in an unsafe environment

Don't wait, don't stay stuck!!

Your Instructor

Dawn-Marie Dalsass

Dawn-Marie P. Dalsass is the Stress Management Maven! She's a CEO, Consultant, Speaker, Author / Blogger and Nature Lover!

Dawn-Marie is the owner of Livelihood Spirit Balance™ where she teaches stressed, burnt out professionals and their employees to reduce stress, anxiety and depression (aka S.A.D) through balancing of the emotions and mind, along with connecting to nature. In turn you become fully balanced, aware and dynamic (aka B.A.D).

She is also also the owner of Total Convalescence Nature & Forest Therapy where she guides individuals and groups on walks that include a series of invitations designed to tap into over a dozen senses. These invitations help participants to develop a deep connection and reciprocity with nature. The focus is to help heal physically, emotionally and spiritually.

She offers online courses, personal and professional development coaching, stress management programs, workshops and seminars as well as public and private Nature & Forest Therapy Walks and Programs.

Certifications Held:

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