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Balanced Minded Goal Setting for Professionals™

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Inside the “Balanced Minded Goal Setting for Professionals” online mini course, you'll find a workbook, worksheets and templates that help you plan like a truly Balanced, Aware and Dynamic individual, a real B.A.D Ass! If are ready to make meaningful, balanced and lasting changes this coming year, then click the button below to get immediate access to Balanced Minded Goal Setting for Professionals! ​This Year Can Be Different! Or you can keep feeling Stuck, Unsuccessful, Unproductive, Useless, Unfulfilled or even Empty.​ The cost of inaction will leave you in the same place you are now which might include: Being a S.A.D Ass – Stressed, Anxious & Depressed Being an unhealthy weight Working at a job you don’t like Stuck in a bad relationship Buried in debt Living in an unsafe environment Don't wait, don't stay stuck!! Learn to set balanced minded goals and achieve them!

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Goal Setting, $14.99

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