The Massive Mindset Shift® December 2020

Mindfulness for Greater Success 
14-Day Challenge
For Management Professionals

Are you up for the challenge? Just practice mindfulness 20 minutes a day for 14 Days.

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When you are climbing the corporate ladder, life can totally get overwhelming.  Stress, Anxiety and even Depression (S.A.D) at various levels can set in when you are dealing with upper management, lower level employees, project deadlines, relationships, kids and life as a whole.  Add on to that the winter holiday season, politics and COVID and a whole new level of S.A.D can set in.  Learning to approach life in a mindful way is the first step in achieving greater success.


What This Challenge Will Do For You!

Develop the Foundation of Mindfulness - The most successful people realize that mindfulness can completely change their lives in exchange for only a few minutes each day. Learn how to successfully create and sustain a habit of mindfulness.

Become Empowered - Realize your power to choose healthy behaviors instead of negative unhealthy ways of living. You'll learn how to Prioritize & Take Action!

​Understand the Healthy Benefits - Empirical, measurable data has come forth showing that mindfulness helps more to lower stress and physically help the body than many other things put together. Develop a full understanding of all the benefits.

Get on the Road to Success - Learn how mindfulness and meditation can help you succeed in all areas of life with greater focus, creativity, productivity, improved emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills. 


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Achieve Greater Success
Through Mindfulness

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Get Through the holidays and start the New Year off 
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14-Day Challenge 
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Throughout the challenge watch the 7 Training sessions with Dawn-Marie where she will drill down into the nitty gritty of all things Mindful!  

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Challenge E-Book

All things Mindfulness. 
What it is, what it is not and 
the Step by Step Guide 
on how to practice 
Mindfulness for Greater Success.

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20-Ways Tip Sheet

Use this tip sheet to identify various ways you can incorporate Mindfulness into your regular routines at home and at work.

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Challenge Tracker

Keep track of how you practice mindfulness each day.  Analyze your progress the Pre-Challenge, Mid-Challenge and Post-Challenge Assessments.

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Challenge Workbook

This Self-Reflection Workbook can serve as a journal through the challenge.  Answer the thought provoking questions about the topics covered during the Live Zoom Sessions.

What People Are Saying
About The Massive Mindset Shift®
Mindfulness for Greater Success Challenge...

Can you believe the support we have for this program?

"When I  think of the word, mindfulness, I  think of freedom of thought. Allow yourself to be free of the Invisible chains that slow you down, keep you weak and keep you in a depressed state. With daily practice utilizing the mindfulness approach, you begin to feel lighter, you begin to see clarity. You begin to actually learn to live through your soul & not your ego .Give yourself a gift that will last a lifetime, by learning to keep your thoughts from destroying the mind, body & soul. Dawn-Marie’s Mindfulness for Greater Success challenge can be the start of your amazing journey. "




"Dawn-Marie, I know that you're launching a mindfulness challenge on your Facebook group, the Massive Mindset Shift. So, I want to encourage you to focus on this as being a major success by showing people that if they can move their choices from being biological robots and on automatic to conscious choice making and mindful living, they're guaranteed success, guaranteed success."

"Prior to my mental breakdown in 2012, I wish I would have known what Dawn-Marie teaches during this challenge. My personal and professional life seemed like it was on autopilot being driven by my subconscious of unbelief, self-doubt, self-loathing and mental chaos! Fortunately my life is now is aligned with my Faith, my Christian values and a strong Identity rooted in Jesus Christ. Dawn-Marie…. YOU ARE A CHAMPION for putting together this Mindfulness for Greater Success Challenge. I know many will be blessed!"








 (12/7/- 12/19)

What You'll Discover During The Challenge...


Greater Success Can Be Achieved Through Mindfulness - Mindfulness and meditation can help you handle your emotions, achieve lower stress levels and feel more satisfaction in your life. In turn awakening your awareness to opportunities and greater success.

The Case for Mindfulness - Several research studies, including one published in the Archives of General Psychiatry in 2010, show that mindfulness meditation is just as effective as someone taking antidepressant medication. Mindfulness helps your focus, increases compassion and empathy for others, creates beneficial changes in brain structure and much more.

How to Make Mindfulness a Habit - As a practice, cultivating mindfulness requires training. Any type of training requires dedication and practice. Practicing requires that you devote your time and attention to the matter. 

Meet Your Coach...

Your Mindset Transformation Virtuosa & Nature Goddess Guide


Mindfulness Expert


Stress Management Maven


Certified Mindset Transformation Coach


Certified Forest Therapy Guide


Certified Law of Attraction Wealth Practitioner

Dawn-Marie Dalsass - Your Host
CEO, Consultant, Speaker, Author / Blogger

Dawn-Marie is the owner of Livelihood Spirit Balance™ where she teaches stressed, burnt out, overwhelmed professionals and their employees to reduce stress, anxiety and even depression (aka S.A.D) by helping them to identify their authentic self and by teaching them to balance their emotions and mind, along with connecting to nature and the Universe as a whole. In turn her clients become fully balanced, aware and dynamic B.A.D Ass Successful Individuals.


She is also the owner of Total Convalescence Nature & Forest Therapy™ where she guides individuals and groups through nature immersions that include a series of invitations designed to tap into over a dozen senses. These invitations help participants to develop a deep connection and reciprocity with nature. With many scientifically proven benefits, the focus is to help heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. Learn more about all the benefits in detail by clicking here.


She offers online courses, personal and professional development coaching, stress management programs, workshops and seminars as well as public and private Nature & Forest Therapy Immersions and Programs.

Frequently asked questions

​Where is the challenge being held?

The December 9, 2020 challenge was held in the Massive Mindset Shift® Facebook Group. Live training took place via Zoom while being streamed to the Massive Mindset Shift® Facebook Group. The replay is now housed and can be accessed in the Livelihood Spirit Balance Membership Area upon purchase.

Who is this challenge best suited for?

This challenge can be taken by anyone who is looking to lead a more balanced and successful life. Most of the clients that Livelihood Spirit Balance serve are working professionals who may be experiencing overwhelm, stress and work life balance issues and desire to become Balanced, Aware and Dynamic, Amazing, Spectacular and Successful B.A.D ASS more successful individuals.

​What if I can't make the live challenge December 9th to 23rd?

The live challenge calls were recorded and can be accessed through our VIP program in the Livelihood Spirit Balance Membership Area. You can also access the Massive Mindset Shift® Facebook Group for updates and support at anytime!

Is the challenge Actually FREE?

Participation in the challenge was free during the actual event December 9th through the 23rd 2020. Live training was streamed in the Massive Mindset Shift® Facebook Group and supporting material was provided for free as well. Registration for FREE Access closed on December 9, 2020 at 9pm. Now a VIP upgrade must be purchased to access replays of the missed training sessions, mindfulness materials and bonus meditation videos.

2020 was an exhaustive and stressful year for many. There's no better time than the present to develop healthy habits, enjoy peace, joy, contentment and achieve greater success in your life by developing a mindful way of living. Don't let another year of stress, anxiety or even depression consume your life. Take the challenge now and get the peace, joy and contentment you deserve.  Start your year off on the right foot with the right mindset and you can achieve greater success in your life!

To your success,

Dawn-Marie Dalsass