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Featured Courses & Immersions

Balanced Minded

Goal Setting

Online Workbook & Course Materials

A systematic approach to making
meaningful, balanced changes
in Your Life This Year!


From Technology
to Trees™ 

Nature Immersion with 

Personal Coaching

 There's more to life then sitting behind a computer screen.  In this 8 Week coaching program you will discover how to balance your passion for technology with life as a whole.  Balance your emotions, connect to nature and conquer the stress, anxiety and  depression that may plague you!!


Nature & Forest Therapy Package

In Person Group Practice

Reduce stress, anxiety and depression.  Improve heart rate variability, sleep, focus, productivity and creativity.  Boost your immune system!


The Massive

Mindset Shift®

Online Course with Personal Coaching

Discover What it Takes to Have a

Massive Mindset Shift®

for Greater Success

in Just 12 Weeks

with Livelihood Spirit Balance!


From S.A.D Ass To B.A.D Ass™

Online Course & Materials

Discover what it takes to go from a Stressed, Anxious or even Depressed Professional...
To become a Balanced, Aware and Dynamic Successful Individual in Just 30 Days!


Living With Livelihood Spirit Balance™

Personal & Professional Coaching

6 Months of Personal and Professional Coaching designed to help you achieve your biggest goals while activating the Law of Attraction.  Because you deserve all you desire and require!

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