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From S.A.D Ass To B.A.D Ass™

Kicking Stress, Anxiety & Depression to become Balanced, Aware & Dynamic



Discover what it takes to go from a

Stressed, Anxious or even Depressed

To become a
Balanced, Aware and Dynamic
Successful Individual in Just 30 Days!

Welcome to

From S.A.D Ass To B.A.D Ass™

There is a B.A.D ASS inside of every one of us. A truly Balanced, Aware and Dynamic, Amazing, Spectacular and Successful individual. Are you willing and ready to let your B.A.D ASS-self shine through?

There are about 23 million people in the United States in mid-to upper level management positions of which nearly 20 percent of those have reported symptoms of depression.

Mid to Upper Level Management Professionals have a whole host of issues that they have to deal with on a regular basis that can cause them to feel Stressed, Anxious and/or Depressed (S.A.D). I know, I was there myself once before I became a B.A.D Ass!!

Going a step further more than half of Corporate IT and Security professionals suffer from S.A.D. Too many of my former co-workers fell into this category!

Work Life Balance is just one of the issues S.A.D Ass professionals face.

  • Did you know it’s possible to conquer the stress, anxiety and even depression that comes with sitting behind a computer screen 7 hours a day, dealing with senior management, lower level employees, relationships and children?

  • Did you know this could all be done while improving your overall health by learning how to balance your mind, balancing your emotions and connecting to nature?

  • Do you ever wonder why you feel unfulfilled and overwhelmed by work and life as a whole? Like you can’t get ahead, even though you’re working your ass off, and even spending extra hours doing so?

Here's the reason... An emotional imbalance, a lack of self-worth and a disconnect with what is valued by your authentic self: I know because I was just like you. I was a workaholic, stressed out, overwhelmed and depressed wife, mom and management professional. I'd forget to go home sometimes because I was so wrapped up in my work. I thought I was a super woman until I wasn't. I eventually crashed and became suicidal.

Let me explain: Stress, Anxiety and Depression are three volatile states of emotion, separately and combined, which can cause you to feel imbalanced, out of control, worthless, hopeless and / or unfulfilled. When you learn to let go of your perceived negative past and inner resistance by balancing your mind, balancing your emotions, understanding what’s important to you and how to connect to nature and the Universe, your true authentic self will emerge! Your health can improve and everything will just start to feel right. Everything will be in alignment and in equilibrium and life will seem... well just easier.

It’s more than Work Life Balance... It’s Livelihood Spirit Balance where how you live your life is in alignment with your authentic self.

When you decide NOT to be a B.A.D Ass – a truly Balanced, Aware and Dynamic, Amazing, Spectacular and Successful individual, all sorts of problems can develop from being Stressed, Anxious and even Depressed. Potential problems can include some or all of the following:

Declining physical health

  • Insomnia

  • Upset Stomach

  • Migraines

  • Heart disease

Relationship Problems

  • Loved ones pushed away

  • Reclusive behavior

  • Separation / Divorce

  • Reduced sex drive

Financial Struggles

  • Increased Debt

  • Late payments

  • No savings

  • Job Loss

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Some of the big questions on my client’s minds when they come to me are...

  • How can I deal with senior management and my employees more effectively?

  • Is it really possible to achieve Work Life Balance?

  • How can I get out of this rut I’m in?

  • What do I have to do to get ahead?

  • What can I do to conquer stress, anxiety and depression naturally?

Many clients come to me feeling just the way I did years ago. I was what I called a "S.A.D Ass" - Stressed, Anxious and Depressed. I felt overwhelmed by work. I had senior management breathing down my neck. I had employees that weren’t performing to my expectations. I had relationship issues, financial struggles as well as too many professional and family obligations.  I felt like there had to be something more to life. I felt unfulfilled and stagnant in my career. I was on the verge of divorce and felt guilty about time lost with my children because I worked so much.

Starting on the day I wanted to commit suicide (and didn’t), I started researching and learning all the ways to conquer Stress, Anxiety and Depression. When I found that the side effects from the medications I was taking were making me worse, I was determined to find other ways of dealing and coping. After a few years I had a lot of information and found what worked best for me. I wanted to tell everyone and help others who were in the same boat. Over the years that followed I became a Stress & Anxiety Expert, a Stress Management Maven if you will. I became a Certified Mindset Transformation Coach and a Certified Nature & Forest Therapy Guide.

It took me years to learn what it takes to conquer Stress, Anxiety and even Depression to become the B.A.D Ass I am today. I have narrowed it down to a few key elements and put them into this online course to teach you what it takes to become a Balanced, Aware and Dynamic successful individual too... I’m here to share my years of expertise with you.

Now you can learn to go From S.A.D Ass to B.A.D Ass™ in just 30 Days!


That's right, you can be a B.A.D Ass too!

As a BALANCED, AWARE and DYNAMIC, Amazing, Spectacular and Successful individual, you could have:

  • Work Life Balance

  • Accelerated Career Success

  • Thriving Healthy Relationships

  • Increased Self-Confidence

  • A Fabulous Sense of Self-Worth

  • Financial Stability

  • A Fulfilling Life

  • More Productivity, Focus & Creativity

  • Improved Sleep

  • Elimination of Migraines, Back and Neck pain.

  • Healthy Weight

  • Decreased Risk for Heart Disease

  • A Greater Connection to Nature and the Universe and

  • An Increased Sense of Faith

Get Started Now!

Inside the From S.A.D Ass to B.A.D Ass™ online course, you'll find 6 modules of in-depth video training lessons along with a workbook, worksheets and templates that help you on your transformative journey.

Here's What You're Going to Get in From S.A.D Ass to B.A.D Ass™:


  • Module 1 – Set Your Inspirational Intentions

    • How You’re Attitude Affects Your Success.

    • What it Means to be Committed to Yourself.

    • What the Differences are Between Intentions and Goals.

  • Module 2 – Connecting to Nature

    • The Powerful Science Behind Connecting to Nature.

    • Nature’s Mental and Physical Benefits for Greater Success.

  • Module 3 – Releasing Your Inner Resistance

    • How to “Let Go” of the Past and Thrive

    • The Key to Stop Self-Criticism to Excel.

    • How a B.A.D Ass Faces Fear and Succeeds

  • Module 4 - Looking Inward for Dynamic Success

    • How to Balance Your Mind and Emotions When Someone’s Values or Behavior Doesn’t Align with Your Own.

    • How to Make B.A.D Ass Choices That Can Get You Ahead

    • What it Really Means to be Courageous

    • B.A.D Ass Ways to Build Confidence

    • B.A.D Ass Self-Talk

  • Module 5 – B.A.D Ass Skills for Success

    • The Basics of Forest Bathing

    • Equilibration - Balancing Your Mind & Emotions

    • Using the Law of Attraction Successfully

    • Proper Use of Affirmations & Declarations.

    • Improving Your Professional and Personal Life with Mindfulness

    • Meditation for Success

  • Module 6 – What Does Your B.A.D Ass Future Look Like?

    • The Importance of Dreaming

    • What it Means to Visualize

    • Success Programming – What Is It and How to Reprogram Yourself

If are ready to kick the Stress, Anxiety and Depression in your professional and personal life to the curb, then click the button below to get immediate access to the From S.A.D Ass to B.A.D Ass™ online course today.

Begin your journey TODAY to become a truly Balance, Aware and Dynamic, Amazing, Spectacular and Successful individual, a real B.A.D ASS...

Or you can continue to be a S.A.D ASS.

Stressed, Anxious, Depressed, Always Self-Sacrificing, workaholic, parent, partner and manager.

The cost of inaction can take a toll on you mentally, physically, spiritually and financially!


Act fast before this course is no longer available.

Get Started Now!
Get Started Now!
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