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Dealing With Teens

Teenagers, oh the trials and tribulations. This summer I had my fill of teenage drama. I heard about it all from my boys, nieces and nephews. Who was dating who that someone else liked. Who got their hands on alcohol and learned what it was like to drink too much. Who got caught on the security camera vandalizing the public house. The list goes on and as a parent of 2 teenagers, iHandlt can get stressful and cause a lot of worry and anxiety.

However, I’ve learned over the years by watching family members and friends that the way we respond as parents to these events that are brought to our attention, directly relates to how our children respond upon future events. If we freak out, they are likely to try and hide things from us. If we respond with understanding and are honest with them about what we did when we were their age, they are likely to be more comfortable about being open with us.

If we allow everything to worry us, we are inclined to try and protect our children from learning lessons on their own. And if we only act with understanding, our kids will think it’s OK to do things that can get them in trouble, injured or even worse. There is a line fine line that we need to walk between understanding and being a disciplinarian. This is where our own life balance comes into play.

When we are balanced in our thinking, it reduces our stress and allows us to think rationally.

Appreciating the fact that our children are open and honest as much as it makes us cringe can help us in keeping a level head about different situations that arise. A client of mine once thanked me as she was able to handle the news of her teenage daughter’s pregnancy with grace based upon the skills and concepts she had learned through one of my programs.

Dealing with children of all ages has its ups and downs but teenagers bring a whole new level to this thing we call parenting. Know that you are not alone.

Love and Light to you all!


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