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Keep On Keeping On!

"The older I get, the more I realize that just keeping on keeping on is what life's all about." Janis Ian

We all have felt at times like the world has crumbled upon ourselves. We've felt in a hole, a dark bit of reality, caused by our negative feelings. It can be disappointments, perceived bad news, a difficult moment in a relationship, failures, you name it. In those times, it can be really hard to see the way out. We only know it's necessary to get out, for our own sake (the realization coming sometimes after quite a while). How do you put yourself together? How do you decide it's important to move on and you're ready to let go? What would be the best frame of mind to have?

I’ve been there, I know that feeling. I pulled myself out of depression years ago. It’s absolutely amazing that I haven’t fallen back into the struggle. I have been challenged in so many ways over the years. Over a short period of time in particular my marriage ended, I seriously contemplated suicide, I lost my mom, struggled with a change in ownership at my job, lost staff that were not replaced, I had to sell my home which my boys grew up in due to divorce, and I broke my leg and had to have surgery. Thankfully, I’ve was able to keep my head about me and learned to balance my mind so that I was able to keep on keeping on.

Whenever you want to get out of that “bad situation frame of mind” you just need to realize that the answers to how can only be found in yourself. Give yourself importance. Realize that there's nobody else that can be you better than you, right now, or ever.

You need to turn to yourself and focus. Start by identifying what caused you to be in the bad-feeling situation and how feeling that way served you and didn’t serve you. Be grateful for all that actually is. Focus on who you are and what you desire and require - to achieve, to become, to have... If you have a balance mind and clearly defined goal, you can focus on success.

Concentrate on how it would feel to achieve what you want. Feel joyous and content. Enjoy feeling at peace. Use this energy as strength to move forward. Whenever you start feeling bad, identify why you feel this way and balance your mind to diminish this negative feeling. Come back to what makes you feel joyous and content and light the fire. Years ago, when I was a teenager, my go to was dance. Now in my later years, it’s meditation, writing and the outdoors.

Know that there is nothing to fear when you approach a situation with a balanced mind and you will not be alone, for there will always be someone there for you. Decide to have a keep on keeping on attitude no matter what.

Besides, there is nobody or anything bigger than you. You are perfectly capable of enjoying a life full of joy, contentment and peace, and you do not need anybody else do so. You just need to have the courage to be yourself and do what you must to achieve all that you desire and require.

The strength that you need is always within yourself. Remind yourself of your goals and don't give up!

Love & Light, Dawn-Marie

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