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Maintaining Balance with Routines & Habits

Routines and habits are essential to having consistency and balance in our life. I’ve been reevaluating mine this past week and have updated my morning routine. Morning routines are quite common, and most people are pretty set in what they do when they wake up. Morning routines are great for getting the day started in a productive way. After all, if your morning runs smoothly, your day tends to go well. After I got my morning routine in place, it got me thinking how unbalanced my day was and that I really needed to lock down an effective evening routine. Having an established evening routine to end the day is just as important as a routine at the beginning of the day. The things we do before sleep have an impact on our success and emotional balance also.

At days end you might want to start making a to-do list (which will later be turned into your TADA list as in TADA magic it’s done). With so many things to accomplish each day, getting started is or figuring out where to start can be the hardest part. It could be so beneficial to already have our list ready before the day even starts. So, each night, sit down and create a list of important tasks to be completed the following day. When you wake up, you’ll already be one step ahead.

You might also consider reviewing your goals and saying your affirmations and declaration. This should be done immediately before going to sleep. Your sub-conscious can spend all night working on solutions and ideas. This can be fabulously effective! There are many ways to review your goals. You can read them silently, say them aloud (recording is great too so you can listen another night). You can re-write them, or create a vision board and visualize them right before you go to sleep. Doing more than one each night is a great idea!

It’s not surprising that most successful individuals have an established reading habit. You could spend time unwinding at night with some good fiction. However, a more effective option is to read something that will increase your ability to be more successful. It might a book that teaches you a new skill. Just the same as reviewing your goals, reading right before bed, helps lock what your reading into your sub-consciousness.

Now, most of us brush our teeth every night. But far fewer take the time to floss. Flossing is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself. Bacteria that builds up in between teeth has been found to cause damage to blood vessels and heart valves. This bacterium has also been identified as a root cause for systemic inflammation. So, take a few minutes each night and floss!

A long day at work or even time with the family can be stressful. Taking 15 minutes to meditate or pray can help to lower your stress level. You’ll sleep better and enjoy your life more. Another great habit for the evening is writing in a journal. It’s been said that if you record your life, it will become noteworthy. Write about what happened earlier in the day that you have to be grateful for. Balance that out with the things that didn’t go so right and how you can be grateful for those situations as well. Winding the day down with gratitude for all can help put your mind at ease, reducing any stress from today and culling anxiety for what is yet to come.

It’s completely unnecessary to have an endless list of tasks to complete daily after a long day working. These are just a few examples of the things one might include in an evening routine. The important thing to remember is that your routine should be consistent and productive.

Anyone can develop an effective, enjoyable evening routine that will benefit and balance their life.

Love and Light to you!


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