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The Storm Continues – COVID 19 Stress & Anxiety

HOLY $HIT Storm. Last month I wrote about how life was hitting hard and everything was happening all at once. Just as I thought things were settling down and I could relax into retirement the Coronavirus Pandemic put us all in lock down. We’re all forced to work from home, keep our distance from one another and life as we knew it has completely changed. The financial markets are crashing, people are dying, and many are out of work because all essential businesses are closed. All children are now being home schooled. Celebrations and events of all kinds are now cancelled. We can’t even go to funerals to say our last goodbyes. On top of all that, grocery store shelves are bare because some are panicking and hoarding so that others couldn’t get essential items and basic needs fulfilled.

All of this has many Stressed, Anxious and Depressed (S.A.D). It really is sad. However, there is light and balance to this all. We see the Earth healing. With humans hunkering down, nature is flourishing. In Venice Italy, the canals are clearing, and the sea life is flourishing. Pollution is down all over the world as more than ½ the motor vehicles aren’t on the roads and public transportation is on a reduced schedule because ridership is down. Families are bonding over meals because everyone is home instead of running to practices, meetings and this function or that. Humans are getting outside keeping their distance and connecting to nature in their solitude. Connection to God, Source and the Universe is also on the increase as people turn to a higher power to help get through these difficult times.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all of this could continue after the pandemic subsides because life has been put into perspective?

So now I’m officially retired after working from home the last 3 weeks of my corporate job. It was a little disappointing as I didn’t get to say farewell in person to my co-workers. Then after talking with some I realized how stressful working from home was for them. I was used to working from home because I did it for 9 months after I broke my leg and had to have 2 surgeries. After doing that and proving myself capable I got to work remotely during the summers so that I could spend more time with my boys. I believe I was only able to do this successfully because of my training to become Balanced, Aware and Dynamic, because I am a B.A.D Ass!

During these stressful and fearful times, approaching life from a balanced perspective is so important. Stress and Anxiety when untreated leads to Depression and being S.A.D. Learning to find balance in all areas of life brings peace, joy, contentment and success. When you become a B.A.D Ass, your vibrations are raised to the frequency needed to invoke the Law of Attraction and you can design the life you desire and deserve.

There is no time like the present to learn the skills needed to stay emotionally balanced and to work on professional development. It’s time transition “From S.A.D Ass To B.A.D Ass ™” It’s time for you to learn how being Balanced, Aware and Dynamic can help you to be more successful. You can do it!

Here are some ideas to help you reduce your stress and anxiety right now:

  1. Breathe Deep – in through the nose to the count of six, hold for 3 and out through the mouth for the count of six. Do this 3 or 4 times and repeat throughout your day to bring you back into the present moment.

  2. Green Space – if you can get outside to a park or even your yard. If you can’t go outside, do you have a plant or 2 in your space? Green space has been proven to help improve your overall well being. Connecting to nature has proven to reduce stress, anxiety and depression and boost your immune system.

  3. Meditate – There are so many benefits to meditation on top of simply relaxing. It does take practice but even 5 minutes to start can help.

  4. Gratitude – Focusing on gratitude for all aspects of a situation whether perceived positive or negative, be grateful for all it has to offer.

This pandemic will pass in time. How you fare will depend on how you approach each day. If you are stressed and anxious, you are actually impairing your immune system and will be more susceptible to contracting disease. If you connect with nature and approach life from a B.A.D Ass perspective, you will be physically and emotionally empowered to help fight off infection.

Love & Light


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