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The 4 Pillars of Well Being

The 4 pillars of well-being are essential for leading a healthier lifestyle and reducing stress, anxiety, and depression (S.A.D). Awareness, Connection, Insight, and Purpose are the cornerstones for living a life of balance and optimal mental health. These four elements work together to create harmony in our lives by helping us to understand the causes of our S.A.D. and enabling us to make beneficial changes that promote greater well-being within ourselves and in our relationships with others. By being aware of our emotions, connecting with ourselves and others in meaningful ways, gaining insight into our struggles with S.A.D., and having a sense of purpose or meaning in life — we can find better ways to cope with negative thoughts and feelings while increasing overall happiness and joy in our lives.


Awareness is the first step on our journey to wellbeing. It is the ability to be mindful of our thoughts, feelings and behavior so that we can make better choices. Having an awareness of what our minds are doing allows us to recognize patterns and gain insight into how we can best take care of ourselves. It allows us to identify when we are stuck in habits, which can help us break free from unhealthy cycles and cultivate healthier habits for better mental health. By understanding what our minds are doing, we can move forward with more clarity and purpose in life.


Connection is essential to human wellbeing. It's the second pillar of wellbeing that promote our pro-social qualities and make us feel connected to others. Our connection with others helps us feel a sense of belonging and allows us to build relationships, which in turn strengthens the bonds between individuals. Through connection, we can foster a sense of community and support each other in times of need. Connection also enables us to draw upon collective wisdom, share ideas, and collaborate on projects for mutual benefit. Thus, when it comes to our overall wellbeing, the importance of connecting with others cannot be overstated.


When it comes to our well-being, insight is the third pillar that often goes unnoticed. Insight refers to our curiosity and understanding of ourselves, which can help us take control of our own narrative.

One way to gain insight is by practicing mindfulness. Mindfulness helps us to understand our thoughts and emotions more objectively, so we can make balanced decisions for our wellbeing. It encourages us to explore what we are feeling, and why we are feeling it. Insight can provide clarity in difficult situations, so that we can better understand ourselves and lead a healthier lifestyle.


As human beings, we all strive for meaning in our lives. We want to feel that we have a purpose and that our lives have direction. That is why the fourth and final pillar of wellbeing is Purpose – it’s about identifying what gives our lives meaning and understanding how we can use this knowledge to be happier and more fulfilled.

Having a sense of purpose is critical to our wellbeing. It allows us to stay connected to our values, beliefs, and motivations in life. Mindfulness plays an important role in helping us identify what gives our lives meaning. By taking the time to be mindful - to observe and accept our thoughts and feelings without judgement - we can start to uncover what brings us joy or drives us forward. We can also begin to recognize where our passions lie, allowing us to explore them further and find a greater sense of direction and fulfillment.


By learning the practice of mindfulness, we can become more aware of our emotions and thoughts. Allowing us to gain insight into our inner workings, connecting us with our purpose in life. By understanding these four pillars: Awareness, Connection, Insight and Purpose, we can use mindfulness as a tool to help cultivate a sense of well-being that can be sustained throughout life's ups and downs.

Get started with a mindfulness practice of your own today. Or join me and a wonderful group that meets virtually each week to discuss mindfulness and practice a bit of meditation. It's free so why not? We are limited to 25 participants so please register early and cancel if you decide you can't make it to allow for other participants to register.

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